Civil Rights of Transgender Students

all-gender-restroom-signageThe US Departments of Education and Justice issued joint guidance yesterday (05/13/2016) regarding the civil rights of transgender students. The guidance explains how current laws prohibit discrimination, including discrimination of transgender students.  The Department of Education also offered examples of policies and procedures to guide school districts in implementing the recommendations.

A particularly absurd example in my opinion, is the question ‘How does a school confirm a student’s gender identity?’  I wonder, ‘Why does a school need to confirm a student’s gender identity?’ Seriously, why do some people think they need to know? How about ‘I identify as a human’.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  And should’t there be restrooms for each and every human to use?

One comment

  • One of my really good friends is transgender and so we talk about his bathroom civil rights a lot. Personally, I hate public restrooms and think that they should go entirely. I don’t feel comfortable doing my business near a man or a woman and so I prefer those single cell-like bathrooms where anyone could go in, lock the door and have some privacy. Frankly, I think that doing that would solve the issue of gender identity and restrooms everywhere and not just in our schools.


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