Self Care

JapaneseMaplePendleHillWhat should you do if you have overwhelming feelings? The simple answer is to take care of yourself in the short-term and decide if there is any action you want to take for the longer term. So, today I wanted to provide some resources for self care.

Annie Wright offers 101 self care ideas for when things feel overwhelming, or 11 small ways to take care of yourself, such as:

  1. Acknowledge and feel your feelings
  2. Connect with others
  3. Limit social media and television
  4. Use healthy coping strategies
  5. Stick with your regular routine
  6. Exercise
  7. Express your feelings through art, dance, movement, song, or writing
  8. Ask for help from friends, mentors, clergy, or counselors
  9. Get involved in your community
  10. Host or join a conversation group
  11. Pray

Jasmine offers Self Care for People of Color where she advocates for:

  • mindful isolation by disconnecting from anything that might trigger you,
  • connecting with community,
  • exercising to discharge energy,
  • asking for help from others, and
  • taking care of your well being.

Jennifer offers 5 ways to use your journal for self care, including:

  1. exploring your feelings,
  2. clearing your mind,
  3. writing a gratitude list,
  4. forgiving yourself, and
  5. indulging in your dreams.

Another great resource for self care comes from the University of Buffalo School of Social Work and their Self-Care Starter Kit.  Here you can find work sheets, assessment tools, exercises, activities, and tips for creating a self-care plan.

During this month of Thanksgiving and gratitude, I am thankful for all of these resources and ways to take care of ourselves, and in taking care of ourselves we are better able to care for others.

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