Try some silence; it’s good for you

Recently, I wrote about the benefits of meditation. Today, I’m writing about silence. While meditation is definitely good for you, we don’t always have time to meditate. This article in the Huffington Post by Carolyn Gregoire, talks about the benefits of silence such as:

  • relieving stress and tension
  • replenishing mental resources
  • regenerating brain cells


Silence also helps us to:
tap into our inner resources,
make meaning in our lives, empathize with others, and
reflect on our own experiences.

Just a few minutes of silence, perhaps five minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening has been shown to have positive influences in our lives.

Good Relaxation notes that the benefits of silence are relaxation, clearing your mind, quieting the noise inside your mind, and refreshing your mind.

So, turn off the television. Turn off the radio. Put down the podcast and the music and the phone. Close your eyes, and sit for five minutes in silence. Notice your breathing. Notice your feelings. Notice your thoughts. Just be for a few minutes. Relax into your breathing. Enjoy a few minutes of silence a few times per day. It’s good for you!

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