How can I switch my mind off?


For decades, I have had problems with insomnia. Like many people, I have trouble turning my mind off. It goes around in circles thinking about this or that. I call it the hamster wheel. It just goes around and around, expending energy without accomplishing anything.

So my interest was peaked when I came across this article from Good Relaxation by Unmet Seepter about ways you can turn your mind off, particularly before going to sleep. Seepter advocates that you can try:

reading a book
taking a bath
listening to calming music
doing some stretches
turning off the electronics
writing down your worries or thoughts
visualizing something positive

I would also add a few other things to this list, such as:

drinking a cup of tea
massaging your feet, neck, hands, or temples
petting a cat, dog, or something soft
deep breathing
or progressive muscular relaxation

So how about tonight, instead of tossing and turning, try some of these strategies to relax yourself. Perhaps the hamster will get off the wheel, your mind will switch off, and you can drift into a peaceful sleep. Now wouldn’t that be lovely?

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