April is Counseling Awareness Month

counselingawarenessApril is here and it’s Counseling Awareness month. What should you know?

Well, according to the American Counseling Association you should know 12 things about Licensed Professional Counselors. Of those 12 things, I think the most important are:

  • “Counselors respect diverse worldviews.”
  • “Counselors focus on wellness, client empowerment, and a proactive approach to mental health.”
  • “Counselors encourage people to be genuine and to find their own authentic self, even if that authentic self is different from the dominant culture.”

But more important than knowing things about counselors, what should you know about counseling itself? Sara Schuster of The Mighty interviewed counselors and came up with the 16 ways to make the most of counseling.  I won’t repeat them all here, but I’d like to mention a few that I think are important.

  • You are the expert in your own life.
  • Talk to your counselor about any questions you have.
  • Open and honest communication is the most beneficial.
  • It’s important to establish a good rapport with your counselor, but remember, not every counselor is right for every client. Since you are the expert in your own life, you can decide which counselor is right for you. Or, if you would like something different from your counselor, please ask.
  • Counseling is a collaborative process that takes time, just as the challenges we face developed over the course of time.
  • Counseling is 45 minutes or about one hour of the week. There are 167 other hours in a week. Trying things discussed in a counseling session during the other 167 hours can be very beneficial.

If you’d like to know even more about counseling, you can check out this page from the American Counseling Association.  Happy Counseling Awareness month and Happy Spring!

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