Do you need help with…

Anxiety and Panic

Do you ever wish you could turn your mind off? Are you feeling stressed? Sometimes people can feel anxious and panicky, with a rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, racing thoughts, shaking, or shallowness of breath. Feelings of anxiety and panic can upset us and distract us from living the life we want. I can help by teaching you how to calm yourself down, how to manage anxious feelings, and get to the underlying causes of anxiousness.

Post-traumatic Stress

Are past traumatic events causing you stress today? Do you feel in a state of hyper-vigilance, constantly aware of everything around you that might go wrong? Or perhaps you are having nightmares and flashbacks that make daily living difficult? In addition to my other training, I am a certified clinical trauma professional, and I can help you to develop self-soothing strategies to bring more calm and confidence to your life. We can also tackle the traumatic events in a safe and caring environment so that you can transform your post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth.


Are you feeling betrayed? Have trust and communication broken down in your relationships? Are you wondering if your relationship will survive the current tension? Relationships can be tricky, frustrating, and irritating, but they can also be exhilarating, supportive, and loving. How can we learn from our relationships and build mutually rewarding, life-long love affairs? I can help partners, in monogamous or polyamorous relationships, to cultivate positive and intimate ways of relating that support each person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Gender Issues

Are you looking for a good gender therapist? Are you considering transitioning but are unsure where to start? Or perhaps you are gender queer and are feeling frustrated because the world can make you feel wrong or out of place? Well, you aren’t wrong, and you do belong in this world, just the way you are. You have the right to a thriving life, and I can help you tackle the obstacles that the world may put in front of you.

Eating Issues

Do you wonder if your relationship with food is a bit strange? Some people binge eat, or mindlessly eat, over eat, or under eat. How did our relationship with food become so complicated? I can help by teaching you new habits, and changing your relationship with food from a contentious one to a healthy one. Plus we can explore your life-long relationship with food and understand where it took a turn for the worse, and why.